Various social issues are emerging due to changes in the urban and regional environments and technological innovations: declining birthrate and aging population, depopulation, energy shift, diffusion of autonomous vehicles, and digital transformation (DX).

Amid such changes, we believe that we contribute to the development of a better future society by understanding the actual conditions of urban and regional environments, cultivating knowledge, and implementing best practices of diverse technologies.

To achieve this goal, we need partners to develop, improve, and merge urban, transportation, and information engineering technologies that sustainably respond to a variety of changes in urban and regional environments, and harmonize such technologies with society.

We will call the partners “social designers” and become their “base” to get together.


We have set three missions to realize our vision:

  • Improvement of observation and data analysis technology, and information infrastructure by reflecting best available R&D achievements
  • Enhancement of user experience (UX) in urban and regional activities to accumulate knowledge from practices
  • Upskilling of social designers and building community to apply technologies and knowledge in actual practice